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Dark Feature

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 22, 2015, 8:50 AM
Maybe it is because winter has arrived where I live, cutting short the daylight. Maybe it is because recent events have shown once again how hard our species is struggling with itself. Anyay, today I felt like putting together a photography feature focusing on darkness -- both in the literal and in the figurative sense.

The River by xavierrey  Dark Time by Thinking-Silence  Island by xavierrey

Sin City by annieparfi V by silent-order  loneliness of the city II by nurtanrioven

Julia 3 by alfredsuarez  in.somnium IV by silent-order  golden.age III by silent-order 

Mind Tricks III by Jtjintjelaar  507 by AMELLLIA  A Sense of Dark by IMAGENES-IMPERFECTAS

into the darkness by RebecaSaray  From Dusk Till Dawn by bitterev  

Mature Content

Melodies in black by Annie-Bertram

too afraid to dream by SuzyTheButcher  m3 by dpavlov  Anhen by Anhen

Beyond by Softyrider62  <da:thumb id="321491124"/>  complexities of the subconscious ... by jarrod343

Mature Content

long-haired by andre000
  Echoes of schizophrenia by xHIMSOULSx  Overdose by Grooveinjector

<da:thumb id="476222786"/>  

Mature Content

Remnant Of The Future by Kostassoid
  awakening by bittertaste

Breathing by KARRR  The light at the end of the world by alexandre-deschaumes  Test room by Marco-art

60538 by kubicki  Abseits Des Lichtes by Philomena-Famulok  Remember the days by Nightline

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Photography Feature: Underappreciated Artists

Journal Entry: Sun May 17, 2015, 8:43 AM
I decided to do an art feature to promote the works of a few people whose photography deserves more attention in my opinion. I selected these people by browsing the galleries and picking out interesting photographs. This can be tedious, given that some people upload every crappy shot they take with their phone, and others are incapable of selecting an appropriate category. As a consequence, many dA users rely on groups, which basically have the function of a filter, and do not browse the galleries any more. But as you can see below, there's still some good stuff to be found, if you're willing to invest a bit of time.

--- TerribleTer ---
Apparition by TerribleTer   Mustachioed Masquerade by TerribleTer  Canyonheart by TerribleTer

--- standartme ---
black+white+red by standartme   Alice in Wonderland 2 by standartme   untitled by standartme

--- Catosan ---
The Crooked Kind by Catosan   Some things are Amaranthine by Catosan   whispers in the dark by Catosan

--- januszek58 ---
IMG 0699czb by januszek58   IMG 2822czb by januszek58   IMG 2797czbG by januszek58

--- FatmeBondage ---
redroom... by FatmeBondage   party is over by FatmeBondage   this way out ? by FatmeBondage

--- thefirebomb ---
Wind by thefirebomb   Awakening by thefirebomb   Lost by thefirebomb

--- LizaGrankina ---
Lida by LizaGrankina   Alina by LizaGrankina   Natalie by LizaGrankina

--- ghostofmine ---
Fabio 5 by ghostofmine   Fabio 1 by ghostofmine   Fabio 3 by ghostofmine

--- DiezDANTE ---
St. Petersburg by DiezDANTE   ladder by DiezDANTE   St. Petersburg by DiezDANTE

I hope you found the above selection interesting. If so, there is more to be found in the galleries of the featured artists.

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Feature: Dreams and Nightmares Contest

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 20, 2013, 1:45 PM
Recently the conceptual photography group theCAMERaLUCIDA held a contest with the theme "Dreams and Nightmares". I volunteered to feature the winners, and since I made second place, I'm in the somewhat awkward position to feature myself. These are the three winning entries:

"Doublecross Death" by xBassxHarmingx

Doublecross Death by xBassxHarmingx

"Visitors Between Waking and Dreaming" by myself

Visitors Between Waking and Dreaming by Argolith

"Time to Wake Up" by ElyneNoir

Time to Wake Up by ElyneNoir

Thanks for taking a look. If you like what you see, feel free to check out the galleries of these artists.

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Feature: KARRR

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 12, 2013, 9:26 AM
Having well over ten million members, deviantART can hardly be expected to be full of amazing pieces of art. When I browse the newest deviations, I'm often disappointed with the quality of what I see. Every once in a while, however, I find something really good. In this case I check out the artist's gallery, and if I'm lucky there's even more good stuff. These are the moments when it pays off to browse the galleries instead of just watching some high quality groups. One of the people I found this way is KARRR. When you take a look at his gallery, you will find that he is an extremely skilled and versatile artist who explores different genres of photography instead of limiting himself to a certain category (as unfortunately many do). I decided to feature some of his works simply becaue I believe they should be seen. Please enjoy:

Aurora borealis 1 by KARRR Under the Stars by KARRR Karelian evening 2 by KARRR
At the morning by KARRR We gonna rock by KARRR - No Title 91 - by KARRR 
- No Title 53 - by KARRR -No title 7- by KARRR Six by KARRR

If you like what you see above, go check out KARRR's gallery!

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Nature Photography Feature

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 22, 2012, 7:27 AM
Hello everyone.

I don't know how you feel about it, but in my opinion browsing the photography galleries can be a disappointing process. When people don't know where to put a picture, it often ends up in Abstract & Surreal or in Conceptual, and judging by content People & Portraits should be renamed to Bad Taste & Exhibitionism. Anyway, there are also some really great works here on dA, and I thought it would be a good idea to feature some of them. I've selected twelve nature related pictures by different photographers. If you like these pictures, I recommend you check out the galleries of the artists.

Warmia by Buszujacy-w-zbozu  :thumb327877114:   Frozen garden by emmanueldautriche
Sunset from the Aumar lake by MaximeCourty   Storm in Pirin by tihomirmladenov  :thumb342094962:
Magical Garden by DrewHopper  :thumb323470998:   the burning tree by garrit
The Breakthrough III by rekokros   Summertime Sadness by Nelleke   The Light Beyond by MarcoHeisler

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Conceptual Photography Feature

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 29, 2012, 7:19 AM
During my time on deviantART I've developed an interest and admiration for conceptual photography. If you too are fond of this photographic discipline, you might enjoy this small collection of inspiring conceptual pictures.

:thumb49938283: burn out by atut Breathing by KARRR
Cut Glass by Davenit trouble... by Mandarino technologic. by JeanFan
Unaware by Davenit The Devil's Minions by eugenedeloyola Bandportrait by Alyaree
never let me go by waveystar :thumb276547963: I Found The Silence by MartinStranka
awakening by bittertaste Inspiration by Davenit Inspiration by agolam

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Greetings, fellow admirers of IR photography.

I'd like to present to you those photographs which have been selected by the admins of r72 for our monthly "Best of" feature. Congratulations to everyone whose images are included!

Fort Siklos in IR - II by DimensionSeven   Car Tracer IR by Blaklisted   IR-2011-13 by blackdaddy

Infrared Trees by MichiLauke   I Saw You On My Way To Heaven by IngoSchobert   .: Indian Summer :. by DavidCraigEllis

Day 164: Big Hungry Dam by alex10819   :: Another Dimension :: by dewanggapratama   Dry by Phostructor

No More Kansas by Blaklisted   Buddha Mountain by newfach  :thumb211439071:

:thumb215370598:   Infrared Palm Leaves by MichiLauke  :thumb211220314:

Tilford river by bmh1   ... funaway value ... by EYELIGHTZONE   serenity by sorny

my infrared love 2 by xtzc   IR-2011-14 by blackdaddy   IR-2011-12 by blackdaddy

Roofs by ichthyologist  :thumb214628697:   Peace and Tranquility by SteRawlinson

:thumb212444811:   :: The Fantasy :: by dewanggapratama   Bloodstained Fall by ahurashirashtiani

Golden Leaf by razzman038   The Lake by postya2    Invisible Light II by DavidCraigEllis

Heaven's Garden by gummaid   05:55 204999163 by UnderFloorboardWorld

I hope you enjoyed this feature, and I wish you a lot of creativity and many IR shooting opportunities for July!

Best regards,


Just a selection of my personal favorites by various artists. Enjoy.

Shadows by MaciejKarcz LOST Beach II Infrared by MichiLauke Rouge by Meowgli

A Night To Remember by uberfischer Inspiration by Davenit FireUnderTheBlade by bosniak

A Pooch's Thoughts by kkart Portland Fireworks 5 by niel4 V by silent-order

in quiet places by LichtReize Cut Glass by Davenit .Synthetique. by Ophelia-Overdose
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I agreed to feature the winners of the Abstract Colours Contest, which was a cooperation between eleven gallery moderators. Here are the winning entries:

Animals, Plants and Nature Photography:

Tide II by OmahaNebraska Colors of the Fall by rici66

Digital Art:

:thumb179915035: :thumb171918073:

Vector and Vexel:

golden princess by AYIB No one can stop the gimp users by Onisweet

Artistic Nude:

Mature Content

Ribbons of Tissue by BeauNestor

Macro Photography:

blue light by augenweide Frozen by ironicna

Abstract Photography:

.:Autumn Leaves Abstract:. by RHCheng Tunnel Vision by AnotherImpossibility

Conceptual Photography:

:thumb177054518: heart by tajcii

Fractal Art:

Sentimental Utopianism by caffe1neadd1ct Color Me Blind by FractalEyes

Traditional Art:

:thumb177818050: :thumb183523600:

There's one more thing I'd like to mention and that is Kaz-D's news article The Bystander Effect - And How It Kills - Take Two. I think it's worth reading, so please follow the link and check it out.
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The r72 infrared photography group has recently held a competition with the theme "Magic Trees". As part of the prizes we gave away I'm now featuring the three artists who created the highest scoring member submissions (selected by the group's admins) as well as the three artists who created the highest scoring admin submissions (selected by the group's members). I decided to feature their "Magic Trees" submissions as well as three other photographs from their galleries (not necessarily IR). Here they come:

Member submissions:

:star: :star: :trophy: 1ST PLACE :trophy: :star: :star:

"Shout II" by SnowPoring

Shout II by SnowPoring

Tiger 7 by SnowPoring Delicious by SnowPoring Shout by SnowPoring

:star: :star: :trophy: 2ND PLACE :trophy: :star: :star:

"Old Tree 2" by Photo-Joker

Old Tree 2 by Photo-Joker

Rannoch Moor by Photo-Joker Reeds and Water by Photo-Joker Scottish Moorland Tree 1 by Photo-Joker

:star: :star: :trophy: 3RD PLACE :trophy: :star: :star:

"Solitary Island" by Astroandre

Solitary Island by Astroandre

Beckershof by Astroandre The Courts Garden IR by Astroandre The Path by Astroandre

Admin submissions:

:star: :star: :trophy: 1ST PLACE :trophy: :star: :star:

"Head in the clouds" by DimensionSeven

Head in the clouds by DimensionSeven

Infrascapes in Somogy - XXXV by DimensionSeven Highway to Heaven - II by DimensionSeven Infrascapes in Somogy - XXXVII by DimensionSeven

:star: :star: :trophy: 2ND PLACE :trophy: :star: :star:

"Magic Tree II infrared..." by MichiLauke

Magic Tree II infrared... by MichiLauke

Horses Dream II... by MichiLauke Cottonwood Trees infrared... by MichiLauke Palm Trees infrared... by MichiLauke

:star: :star: :trophy: 3RD PLACE :trophy: :star: :star:

"More Yin For The Yang" by IngoSchobert

More Yin For The Yang by IngoSchobert

:thumb165075414: At The End by IngoSchobert :thumb152924389:
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When I logged on today and my message center informed me that there are over 300 feedback messages waiting for me, I was pretty sure that something unusual had happened. I was right. My picture Through the Tunnel was selected as a Daily Deviation. I've already thanked JacquiJax for suggesting it, and Kaz-D for featuring it, but I would like to mention them in this journal entry as well.

To be honest, my feelings about Daily Deviations are ambiguous. I think they often serve to increase the popularity of artists who are already very well known, which seems futile to me. And I've seen some DDs which made me think, "What's so great about this picture? There are better ones which were not selected as DDs." But on the other hand, getting a DD means that someone liked your stuff enough to show it to a lot of people, which is nice of course. And naturally DDs help you get your work noticed, which is what pretty much every artist (professional or not) wants.

To sum up my thoughts: I feel honored, but I'm not going to act like an arrogant know-it-all just because I got a DD. I might if I ever get a second one, though. :)
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It doesn't happen very often that people make drawings based on my photographs (at least not to my knowledge). Traumfaengerin-Wish has just completed a drawing which is based on one of the pictures from the Graffiti Rock series I shot last summer. See for yourself:

Graffiti Rock by Traumfaengerin-Wish   Graffiti Rock II by Argolith
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Today I tried out my new Tamron 11 - 18 mm lens and I'm very pleased with the results so far. The sharpness is definitely superior to that of the Canon 18 - 55 mm lens which I previously used for landscape and architecture shots. That thing is a razor blade. Even at moderate aperture settings (F/9 for instance) the DOF is great and the sharpness is good near the edges of the image, too. I'm looking forward to testing how suitable it is for infrared photography... As soon as the trees are a bit greener than they are now.
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The Critique-It group has recently launched an ambitious undertaking that goes by the name of Project Teach. I decided to make a contribution by becoming a tutor, so I'm currently holding a class on composition in photography. If you're interested, go check it out:

Composition in Photography class

If you'd like to participate, you have to join the group first. Yes, I am pimping out Critique-It. They're awesome. :)

I'm currently a member of the following clubs / groups:

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Gallery cleaned out.

Wed Jan 6, 2010, 9:17 AM
Hey all!

I just deleted some (13 I believe) old pictures from my gallery because they... Well, they sucked by my current standards. I hope I didn't remove anything you liked, although it's unlikely.

What do you think about deleting old deviations? If you have a minute, please participate in my current poll and let me know.

I'm currently a member of the following clubs / groups:

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Happy New Year!

Sat Jan 2, 2010, 10:22 AM
Hi guys.

I wish all my watchers a Happy (and of course successful, creative, and fulfilling) New Year. Since I hadn't done much fireworks photography before, I was really looking forward to taking some pictures of the fireworks on New Year's Eve. Unfortunately it was so damn foggy in Vienna that I had to rely on my hearing to know that there's actually a firework. Okay, it wasn't that bad, but most of the pictures I took show only a diffuse glow, and it's hard to tell whether it's supposed to be fireworks or a UFO landing. Anyway, if your message centre gets flooded with firework pictures, it wasn't me. :)

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Contest Winner

Sun Dec 20, 2009, 3:54 PM

One of the prizes I won is an interview which will be posted as a news article. It will be conducted by MimozaBlooming in the Critique-It chat room on Wednesday, December 23, starting at 5 p.m. GMT. Anybody who would like to ask me questions (or simply watch the whole thing silently in order to make me feel paranoid) is welcome to do so.

Hey guys.

Just wanted to let you know that I was selected as the winner of the Write a CRITIQUE GUIDE Contest hosted by Critique-It. My entry is a guide designed to help people critique photographs in a constructive way. You can find it here (PDF file):

Critiquing Photographs by Argolith

I'd like to use this opportunity to thank all the people who donated prizes:

:iconmoonbeam13: :icondczed: :icondrop-asd: :iconrlkirkland: :iconnoir: :iconphotoshop-tutorials: :icondoodlee-a: :iconmimozablooming: :iconkneelingglory: :iconinklingsofoblivion: :iconexillior: :iconmusicalmadhouse: :iconpaperdart: :iconchoirsoftheheavens: :icongwenavhyeuranastasia: :icondjoseph: :iconsoramidori: :iconlatenightlady: :iconhellobaby: :iconpurpelblur: :iconthefulkrum: :iconmode-de-vie: :iconhugqueen:

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Book Cover

Tue Nov 17, 2009, 8:36 AM
Hi, everybody.

Just wanted to let you know that I recently sold my picture Colors of the Sunlight, which is one of my older shots. An Italian Publisher contacted me, expressing interest in using this picture for the cover of a physics book. First I thought this person was kidding, since photography is a hobby to me, not a profession. Anyway, it turned out they were quite serious and actually bought the picture. So there's going to be an Italian physics book with a cover looking approximately like this:


Pretty cool, isn't it?

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Feature Opportunity

Mon Oct 5, 2009, 8:17 AM
Update: One more deviant got featured

I've just updated this journal with three works by a quite gifted artist, who took me up on my offer. If you haven't already done so, you can do the same! Here are the rules:

  • Comment on this journal, so I know you wanna be featured. (You want the :cookie:, don't you?)
  • Once I've selected three of your works and put them in my journal, you have to write a journal entry just like this one, which will feature me and 14 other people (3 works each).

Since I was introduced to this feature chain by thestargazer23, he's the first one to be featured. There's still space for 12 more features, so comment!



What is going on here... by thestargazer23

Mature Content

The Green Wall fouR by thestargazer23
Art agaiNst raciSm 2009 by thestargazer23


Sunset at Lake No.2 by 00AngelicDevil00 Early riser by 00AngelicDevil00 Hunab Ku - A New Age Dawns by 00AngelicDevil00


Hugh Laurie-Sketch by kitmeng KL Sentral-01 by kitmeng Dragon-Sketch by kitmeng

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Guitar Shooting

Wed Jul 29, 2009, 10:14 AM
Hi there.

A couple of weeks ago I had an awesome shooting with devious-stock. She brought her electric guitar and posed in front of some graffiti painted walls along Donaukanal in Vienna. I've already sent her the pictures (after RAW conversion), so you might soon find some of them in her gallery.

Since I like to give my pictures a personal touch, I'll do some HDR based editing (or alienation, as my girlfriend calls the process). The resulting pictures will soon find their way to my gallery, so stay tuned.

By the way, if you have a second, please participate in my current poll. Thank you and have a creative day!

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